How to choose

There are three sections in our compact range; small, medium and large to help you make the right decision. This refers to size as well as capability.

Our small scooter, the Jitterbug is a great little run-around scoota. The seat is removeable and the tiller can fold flat allowing the scooter to be transported in the back of a station wagon or 4WD.

The medium scooter, Samba; is very capable of getting you out and about but also easy to manage around the home. Our biggest seller, this is a great all-rounder!

Our larger scooters showcase two options with the large and incredibly capable Waltz, through to the heavy duty Mountaineer; which is rugged enough for a game of golf!

Choosing a mobility scooter to suit your personal needs is easy. Be clear on your main purpose first; do you want to walk the dog, visit the local shops, get out and about more using both the car and scooter or is this replacing your car? These simple questions will help you and your retailer determine the best fit possible.

There are many different specifications for you to consider; below is a list to help you make a comparison. Please note that Australian law states that no electric scooter can travel faster than 10km/h outside of private property.