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How to Choose a Scooter

There are three sections in our extensive range; folding, medium and large to help you make the right decision. This refers to size as well as capability.

There are two models in the folding range, a three and four wheeler. They are designed to break apart into four easy to manage smaller pieces enabling trips in your car with the scooter. Incredibly easy, you will master the technique in minutes.

The medium range has three models; all capable of getting you out and about but also easy to manage around the home. Each has a different battery size and features; simply choose the one best suited to your needs and budget.

Our larger scooters showcase five options from heavy duty models rugged enough for a game of golf through to smaller options with plenty of get up and go.

Choosing a mobility scooter to suit your personal needs is easy. Be clear on your main purpose first; do you want to walk the dog, visit the local shops, get out and about more using both the car and scooter or is this replacing your car? These simple questions will help you and your retailer determine the best fit possible.